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  •     Trading Desk Contact Details: 



                                                                                  Cell United kingdom: +44 7444528023              

                                                                                  Contact: Antony Eccles, United Kingdom and for all inquiries

                                                                                  Cell UK:   +44 775 193 9242



                                                                                   For all African projects contact:

                                                                                   John Morelis or Tony Eccles                                                                        

Please note: we are recognized facilitators not intermediates or mandates. We facilitate end buyer to end sellers. We are proud of the work we do and we are proud of the end Buyers and Sellers we deal with. This is done through our professional and recommended parties to decision makers. Do not deal with us with LOI, ICPO SCO and FCO (in some cases FCO's are very valid) as Majors do not deal in this and it is wasting your's and our time. We do not take kind to Bull and more Bulls that think that they can re write the way Crude and Derivatives are Traded. (This includes many other Commodities we deal in too). It is shocking the way people upset this Trade as if they have a right to act unscrupulous. 

We do not deal or conclude trade through the Internet, as there is no need for us to do so. We have tried to educate and help where ever we can and in order to assist in promoting the all challenging trade in commodities. For other services and opportunities please refer to our detailed web options.

2014 was again dominated by miss representations and fraudulent attempts and we at all times looking at better options to out the right people together and facilitate End Buyers with End Sellers.

So with that we look forward to a clean 2015 where true facilitators will do the right thing rather than think that they own everything when they do not and want everything when they cannot pay for it. 

Please feel free to contact anytime to discuss your requirement. Buy or Sell is the name of the game but to do this right is beyond most.

                                                                                 John Morelis                                                                                                                                                  

                  Commodity & Investment Trading Desk 

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